How it works

  • A tender may be national or international, open or restricted or competition.

  • Tender shall be valid only if, after complying with all regulatory requirements of the Kenya Tender Board and/or the procurement committee.

  • The tender is¬†national, when he addresses the natural or legal persons domiciled or headquartered in Kenya;

  • The tender is International, when he addresses the natural or legal persons having their domicile or head office within and outside the borders of Kenya.

  • The tender is open when the public notice is inviting all interested candidates to submit their offers.

  • The tender is Restricted when the tender is preceded by a pre-qualification. Restricted tender is open to a limited number of candidates after a pre-qualification procedure. The pre-qualification criteria shall be determined by the Kenya Tender Board. The Kenya Tender Board may at its discretion invite companies (local and international) to participate in a restricted tender, which may not be published. Local companies must have the Kenya Tender Board accreditation. International companies participating in this tender must complete all accreditation formalities before being awarded of a contract.

  • The Tender Board after careful deliberations with the competent authority determines whether the tender shall be national, international, open or restricted.