What we do

The Kenya Tender Board is a fully independent body, established by the Kenyan government, with a clear agenda to set up a strict regulatory mechanism that would ensure fairness and equal opportunity for all.

The Kenya Tender Board aims to protect public funds and prevent the undue influence of personal interests on tender formalities; achieve maximum levels of economic efficiency in purchasing activities at competitive and fair prices; encourage integrity, competitiveness, fair treatment and equal opportunity to all contractors and suppliers; and finally, to achieve total transparency in all aspects of purchasing procedures by the Government.

The Kenya Tender Board aims to achieve a reputation for transparency, integrity, fairness, competitiveness and equal opportunity which will play a major role in boosting investors’ confidence in the nation’s economy, and enhance the prestigious status of Kenya both regionally and internationally.

The Kenya Tender Board is committed to supporting the government’s far-reaching programme of economic, business and social reforms that will not only benefit the nation and its people, but also contribute to the ongoing growth and prosperity of East Africa region and Africa in general.

The Kenya Tender Board is to act for, in the name and on behalf of the Government of Kenya in inviting, considering and accepting or rejecting offers for the supply of articles or for the undertaking of works or any services in connection therewith, necessary for carrying out the functions of the Government or any of its parastatals.

Our Goals

. To sustain the principles of integrity, transparency, fair competitiveness and service excellence.
. To enforce compliance with legal, technical, ethical and professional practices.
. To ensure optimum utilization of human and financial resources.
. To achieve the highest level of integrity and transparency in our performance and in our relations with our stakeholders.
. To gain partners and customers’ trust and respect through professional commitment in our dealings and decisions.
. To create an atmosphere of equal opportunities for customers, and achieve equity in pay and rewards for employees in compliance with policy standards.

Vision & Mission

To be a world class excellent model in tendering practices and a governing authority that assures excellence, equality, transparency and fair competitiveness in government tenders and purchases.